Kao Acupuncture is located at 4101 Greenbriar Dr., convenient to Montrose, River Oaks, the Museum District and Upper Kirby.  There is parking on three sides of the building.  The parking lot is accessible from Greenbriar Dr., and also from Shepherd Dr. via an opening at the end of Banks St.

Directions once inside the building:

Proceed to the first floor central atrium, where the elevators are located (view if entering from main parking lot at the rear of the building).Hall

Kao Acupuncture is located in Suite 105B, and shares a common waiting area with the Leasing Office for the building.  Follow the signs to the Leasing Office, and proceed through the glass door shown to enter the waiting area.Door

If the door to 105B is propped open, please knock and then enter.  If you are early for your appointment and the door is closed, please have a seat in the waiting area, as I may be finishing a treatment with another patient.Waiting


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