Covid-19 Policy, Updated Nov 29, 2022

If you are feeling unwell due to illness on the day of your acupuncture appointment, please call, text or e-mail to cancel without penalty.

I will be wearing a N95 face mask to reduce the likelihood of virus transmission.  I have also been vaccinated, and boosted (more than once), which should reduce the likelihood of me catching and transmitting the virus between patients.

Patients are not required to wear a mask.

Wearing a mask is recommended during periods of high virus activity, especially when in public portions of the building, such as the elevator. Unfortunately, the only access to the third floor is via elevator.  However, you can take the stairs down to the first floor if you would like to avoid the elevator on your way out.

The only reliable scientific measure of virus activity at the moment is a wastewater monitoring project sponsored by the City of Houston and Rice University.  The graph pane at the bottom of that page is the best indicator of the relative level of recent virus levels in the community. (Click on the small up-arrow to expand the graph pane.)

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